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Training Cycles

There are 3 and 6 week mini-cycles, and 9 and 12 week cycles as a part of our tier 1 cycles. Our tier 1 cycle is 12, 18, and 24 week long macro cycles.

Micro-Cycle Programs

Micro-cycle programs are ideal for sprinters, endurance runners, and multi-event athletes. These offerings can also be tailored to competitive jumpers, throwers, and dual-event competitors. Preparing for events can focus on specific areas, like strength training. We can customize a micro-cycle to develop general, special, or specific skills to give you a competitive edge on the field or track. Our trainers focus on five core elements:

  • Flexibility
  • Coordination
  • Strenth
  • Speed
  • Endurance

Micro-Cycle Phases

If an athlete chooses a full micro and macro-cycle program, we break each up into distinct phases. To ensure optimal performance, our experts will lead you through training for the following stages.

General Preparation  |  Specific Preparation  |  Pre-Competitive Phase  |  Competitive Phase | Recovery Phase

Training Location

Training locations will be at several San Diego tracks.

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