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Group Levels

We group training levels into different categories, mostly by age, since it makes it easy to focus on fundamentals and advanced strategies for specific running workouts. These categories are:

    • First to Fourth, and Fifth to Eighth Grades
    • High School Athletes: Ninth to 12th Grades
    • Collegiate Runners: College Freshmen to Fifth-Year Seniors
    • Post-Graduate Athletes: Approximately 25 to 35 Years
    • Master: Ages 35 and Up

Membership Cycles

We understand that some athletes require seasonal programs, whereas other prefer year-round training. Our membership options are divided into convenient weekly cycles to let you determine the best practice for your needs. Our membership durations are:

  • Six Weeks
  • 12 Weeks
  • 18 Weeks
  • 24 Weeks
  • 52 weeks

Membership Fees

You cannot join our club without an active membership from USATF. During the start-up phase of your membership, we begin with an evaluation session prior to accepting membership. Junior Elite athletes' initial evaluation sessions cost $175, and evaluations for high school athletes and older cost $225. If you sign up one friend or family member, their evaluation is only $50 more.

Health Background and Evaluation

We require a basic medical or health history, as well as general background information and a sports backstory, in order to be a member of our club. Forms will be provided to fill out before any payments are made. Once complete, there will be an evaluation workout session consisting of three sessions totaling 65 minutes. The first session entails a basic, simple workout. The second session will be a mid-level workout with some modifications, and the final session will include a workout test and a plan for club membership.

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